Meet and Greet – complimentary:

We would love to meet with you and your pets!  During the meet and greet, expect to introduce your family – both two and four legged – to our professional pet sitter.   We would like to learn about your normal routines, and discuss your expectations for pet sitting, so that we can help you decide which of our services will be the best fit for you.  We will complete a contract for your first service, learn how you would like us to gain entry to your home, and collect payment for scheduled services.

Contact Bethany to schedule: (614) 664-9582 or


Daily Drop In Visit – $20 for 30 min:

We will pop in to check on your pets and home.  We will be happy to feed, love on, walk and play with your pets per your instructions.  Maintenance care, like medications and litter box care will be completed. Of course we will make sure all is in order with your home, and take in mail, water plants etc as needed.


Daily Deluxe Visit – $15 per hour (2 to 7hrs) or $12 per hour (8 to 12hrs):

The deluxe visits are for families who have pets that need extra TLC.  We will sit with your pets for the duration needed, providing supervision, lots of love and attention, and regular activity times.  Meals, treats, and potty breaks provided as needed. Snuggles are not extra!


Slumber Party – Overnight Sitting – $75 per night:

We will arrive at your home around 8:30pm, and stay up late watching movies and eating popcorn with your pets.  Everyone will get their late meals, lots of love, treats and play. After a good night’s sleep, we will head out around 6:30am for the day, after making sure everyone has had breakfast and is settled in for the day. *Discounted Rate Available for indoor pet only homes – just ask us!


Slumber Party Deluxe – 24/7 care at $175 a night (12hr min):

If your family has a pet that requires 24/7 care, we can help!  Pets with anxiety when left alone, new puppies that require lots of supervision, and older pets that can’t be left alone for longer durations will be happier at home.  We will provide meals, treats, potty breaks and clean up as needed. Regular activities and exercise will be offered to your pet to help them feel happy. They will enjoy the extra love and attention we can provide with this option as well!

*For durations of 72 hrs or more, respite for 2hrs per day is required for our sitter.  We may be able to provide coverage, but if you have a friend, neighbor or family member with whom your pet is familiar, we welcome you to provide this coverage as well.


*Over 3 pets, all services will incur an additional $5 charge/pet.


Key lock boxes available to rent or purchase

  • Rental $2/day
  • Purchase $28
  • Any package includes free drop box rental

A holiday surcharge of $10 applies during the following:

  • Easter Weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun)
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Sat/Sun/Mon)
  • July 1st through 5th (fireworks sitter)
  • Labor Day Weekend (Sat/Sun/Mon)
  • Thanksgiving (Wed-Sun)
  • December 22-Jan 2