Delighted Dog Training Academy offers educational seminars to help dog owners learn more about their furry friends.  Good training and relationships with our dogs rely on understanding how they work.  Taking a little time to learn about general dog behavior and husbandry will improve your dog’s quality of life, and your enjoyment of your pet!  Custom programs and topics can be created for groups and organizations also, contact us for more information.


Sessions may run 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the topic and number of questions.  We would like your family to attend and learn together, one $25 fee will be charged per household.



        How To Train

        Dog Bite Prevention (very kid friendly)

        Body Language Basics

        Dog-Dog Play

        Enrichment Activites

Private speaking engagements, lunch and learn, and meet the trainer sessions can be prepared to meet your time constraints and topic needs. Dog Bite Prevention programs for schools are also available.  Please contact for more information.