Group Skills and Manners Training

Skills training is how most people imagine dog training – group classes, working on verbal communication and hand signalsfor behavior like sit, down and come.  We have updated our curriculum for pet dogs, and have added how to better understand your dog too.

Seminars $35: 90 to 120min session

Educational presentations covering a variety of topics – no dogs attend:

  • How To Train – Required for group training
  • House Training
  • Enrichment

Puppy Support Group $120: Four 60min sessions

Get the most up to date information on puppy raising, and the support of a certified professional during the most important socialization period for your puppy.  We will provide information and best practices on house training, bite inhibition and chewing, and socialization.  Puppies 16 weeks and younger with at least 1 round of vaccines at least 1 week prior to the first meeting.

  • Rolling admission – start right away
  • Modern, rewards based training methods
  • Learn time sensitive skills with the support of a pro
  • Small class size for lots of one on one time – max 4 puppies

*Puppy class is currently on hiatus, we need the space for current Skills and Manners dogs!  We are happy to refer you to OSU Behavior, they have a great puppy class.  We will be happy to see you back to continue with Delightful Dog Skills and Manners.  We will bring puppy class back when we have room in our schedule.

Delightful Dog Skills and Manners $175: Six 60min sessions

Hands on skills and manners training with a certified trainer.  Dogs over 4 months may join class.  Dogs joining class must be friendly with people and dogs – and able to focus in a group environment.

  • Modern, reward base training methods
  • Learn how to train, and apply the skills learned to real life situations
  • Evening and weekend classes available
  • Five levels available
  • Small class size for lots of one on one attention – max 4 dogs