Private Behavior Modification Sessions

Addresses behavior that is outside the scope of skills and manners.  Choose this type of session if your dog displays behaviors that fit into any of the following categories:

  • Leash aggression
  • Fearful of interactions with people or dogs
  • Aggressive behavior directed at people or dogs
  • Protective/guarding behavior
  • Separation/isolation anxiety
  • Handling concerns – growling/biting when touching
  • Too worked up to play nicely/aggressive behavior when stopping play
  • Unable to focus on you/do known behavior around people or dog
  • Repetitive/difficult to interrupt behavior
  • Very restless/unable to settle/hyper vigilant

Seminars $35:  90 to 120min session

Most private training clients will need sections found in one or more seminars, you are welcome to attend before or during private training.

  • How to Train (foundations and body language)
  • House Training
  • Enrichment

Initial Private Session $185: 2hr session

All private training clients will start with an Initial Private Session:

  • Assess the behavior
  • Take a full history
  • Set goals/expectations
  • Establish management
  • Start foundation behaviors
  • Full session notes with detailed instructions/resources/handouts
  • Distance sessions via phone/skype available when appropriate

Follow Up Sessions $115: 1hr session

Follow up sessions for most clients should be scheduled once every 2 to 3 weeks after the initial session:

  • Review progress since last meeting
  • Continue working through training plan
  • Adjust training plan as needed
  • Overview/handouts provided for each session
  • Distance sessions via phone/skype available when appropriate

*Clients more than 20mi from Hilliard, Ohio will be charged an additional $25 for travel – over 35mi contact before scheduling

*Sessions that run over by 15 min will be charged an additional $40/30min


All clients are welcome to schedule and purchase one session at a time, for those who would like a package, we do offer follow up session packages.  We prefer to meet new clients for the initial session and only offer the follow up as packages.  This allows you to choose if we are the right fit prior to any commitment to multiple sessions.  In many cases, the required information to resolve the behavior will be addressed in 3 to 6 follow up sessions.  Some clients prefer to continue with further sessions to practice.

  • 3 session package $315
  • 6 session package $599