Puppy Support Group 

4 WKS * 60 MIN  *  $99                   Rolling Admission – start now

Maximum 6 Puppies aged 7wks to 16wks at the start of class

Requirements: At least one set of puppy shots no less than 7 days prior to the start of class and one deworming

How To Train can be taken concurrently – you do not need to wait to get started.

This puppy class is geared toward introducing new experiences in a fun, positive environment so your puppy can learn to be confident and see the world as a positive place.  We will cover the time sensitive topics: socialization and bite inhibition.  Learn the most efficient way to potty train, how to prevent resource guarding effectively, and keep your teething puppy from learning he loves to chew shoes.  We will hit developmental hot topics and teach your puppy to tolerate or even enjoy the weird stuff people think dogs should like (nail trims)!  We will start some basic skills training along the way too.  

*If your puppy has a significant behavior concern (seems very fearful or aggressive) please contact us to decide if group class or private sessions are more appropriate.