Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA)

  • 5 Levels Offered:  6 WKS * 60 MIN  *  $165
  • Assessments at the end of each level optional (week 7) – $25
  • Requirements for group sessions:  Dogs must be friendly with dogs and people and able to focus on the handler if they have food, see each level for age requirements.  All dogs must be up to date on rabies, parvo, and distemper vaccines.  

The Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) program is geared to helping you and your dog learn how to be polite members of the community.  Loose leash walking and polite greeting behaviors are at the heart of the program.  The assessments at the end of each level test your progress as a team.  Please follow the link for more information about registering for the PDA program, and how to sign up for assessments when you have completed each level.  Participation in the assessments is not required, but is encouraged.  You are welcome to ask your trainer for more information.

Level 1 (Puppy 4mo to 9mo) Puppies are ready to learn!  Get them started early, and with the foundations in Level 1, we will get all the basic behaviors you want started.  Expect to work on loose leash walking and polite approach and greetings, come when called, sit/down/stand positions, going to place, leave it, take/drop, resource guarding/food aggression prevention, and acceptance of body handling will be covered.  Enrichment ideas, and other special topics will also be presented.


Level 2 (over 6mo) continues to build on the behaviors from level 1.  For those dogs with good foundations, they may start at level 2.  Expect to start working on more advanced impulse control with stay, emergency stop, and waiting politely to transition in and out of the car.  Continued focus on building loose leash walking as well as polite greetings with people and dogs, and comfort with being handed off to an alternate handler will be established in this level.  More advanced body handling, and practice with vet exam handling and implements.


Levels 3 (over 6mo) advances all of the skills acquired in levels 1 and 2, with more duration and real life level distraction.  Expect to work on backing away from things on cue, and establish solid on leash social behaviors.  Build toward off leash reliable behaviors with some distraction. More advanced handling behaviors will be introduced.


Level 4 (over 12mo)  practice and refine all of the behaviors from the 3 previous levels, and establish off leash reliable behavior.  Expect to work on behaviors with direct real life applications: walking in public places, polite and calm behavior moving in and out of doorways and the car, reliable recall and emergency stop off leash with distractions.

Level 5 (Championship) those that want to really demonstrate their teamwork will continue on to level 5.  Meetings may be in the community, and expect practice with real life distractions and social situations.