Here at Delighted Dog Training Academy we have one goal – happy dogs and happy people.  Your best friend speaks dog, and so do we!  You can learn to understand your dog, communicate better, and improve your relationship with kind methods based in science.  The best news is that you don’t need to use pain, fear or force.  We haven’t met anyone yet that enjoys punishing their dog.  The tools to get the behavior you want can be fun for your dog and your family.  Training should bring joy to your relationship with your dog!



Trial and error with information from friends, social media, and online searches can yield confusing and conflicting information.  Of course some of it may work and even be right, but there is also plenty of outdated, bad, and even dangerous information out there too.  It’s no wonder people are so frustrated!

Instead of wading through that information and potentially causing lasting harm, find a professional that understands learning theory and the practical applications that will make living with your pet easier for everyone.  Your Delighted Dog Training Academy trainer and behavior consultant is passionate about providing the most current, humane training techniques that will never utilize force, fear, pain or intimidation to teach or communicate with your pet.

Continuing education in the field is a priority for us, and we are always taking time to evaluate best practices, and updating curriculum and behavior modification protocols.  Safety (both physical and psychological) of your family and your pets is always the first priority in our approach to helping you.


Why do you have a dog?  We have our dogs so that we have a reliable and loyal friend!  They are happy to see us when we come home, love doing things with us, and remind us to just enjoy the little things day to day.  When that relationship is suffering due to behavior problems, sometimes the human end of the leash needs some coaching to learn to better understand their dog.  Regardless of if you have a good relationship that you want to make great, your dog has a new behavior you don’t understand, or you have been struggling with your relationship for a while – training and behavior modification with Delighted Dog Training Academy can help you find your happy place with your dog.

#3 – FUN!

Train smart, not hard!  Positive reinforcement based training methods, quickly translate into fun games you play with your dog.  Bonus – the training methods are family friendly, so everyone can participate.  Bringing fun into training creates solid behaviors your dog loves to do because it feels good to them – not to avoid something bad or because they are afraid of being punished.  Once you learn to work with your dog in a way that is fun, it is easier to actually do the training to work on the behaviors you want.