Skills training is what most people think of when they imagine dog training.  Teach your pet to understand verbal cues and hand signals, so you can ask for things like sit, stay, come, and leash manners.  We also discuss why dogs do what they do, and how to help them make better choices on their own too.

Here at Delighted Dog Training Academy we offer a curriculum with the needs of a family pet in mind, not an obedience show ring.  The focus is on functional behaviors and good  communication with your dog, so you have a well behaved and easy to live with companion.  We can help you from the time you get your puppy, through fine tuning real life skills.  We have some fun options, like nose work and tricks too!

If you are worried about how your dog will react to other dogs in class, we have classes just for dogs with over reactive or challenging behavior.  We will be happy to customize the curriculum to private sessions if needed or preferred..

All dogs joining group class must begin with the How to Train session.   This  allows you to get the basic foundations of training and behavior under your belt before entering the appropriate level.  Look through our options!  Our trainer will be happy to help you choose a best fit for you and your dog during the How to Train session.  Need to build just one skill?  We do offer skill based sessions privately, and would be happy to help you!