Private Skills and Manners Training

If your dog is not able to focus in a group environment due to fear, frustration or aggression OR your family’s schedule isn’t a good fit for once weekly group classes, private skills and manners training are a great option.  We can meet with you in your home or in our class training space,  You can also attend our seminars for appropriate topics, as no dogs attend these sessions.

Seminars $35:  90 to 60 min session

Educational presentations covering a variety of topics – no dogs attend:

  • How To Train – Required for group training
  • House Training
  • Enrichment

New Dog Set Up $150:  Private 2hr session

This session is geared for new puppy or rescue dogs joining a new family.  We will help you to set your dog up for success with best practices for husbandry and training.  We can help you identify priority areas to start working on behaviors before they become a problem, or get you started on a skill or two.  This session is appropriate for dogs with behavior concerns at the level of housetraining or inappropriate chewing.  Dogs with significant problem behavior should see the options under behavior modification.  Contact us if you are not sure which session is the best fit.

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Modern, rewards based training methods
  • One on one, custom session

Private Pet Dog Ambassador $549:  Six 1hr sessions

One on one hands on skills and manners in our class space or in your home with a certified trainer.

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Modern, reward base training methods
  • Learn how to train, and apply the skills learned to real life situations
  • Five levels available