Hunting for training resources, but not quite ready to commit to in person training?  We would rather point you in the direction of the ‘good stuff’ that exists online, than leave you to fend for yourself and end up even more frustrated, or worse, creating fear or aggression in your dog.  There is a real risk of potential harm in trying to implement some of the ideas you can find online – or even just by talking with people casually.  If you aren’t sure, hire a pro, and ask lots of questions!



The hardest part of choosing training information on amazon is that you don’t know if it is going to be force free.  It is no fun to get a book or video, and then find out it is full of training methods you are not interested in implementing, or worse – you just aren’t sure if the methods meet the current standard!  If you shop with Dogwise and Tawzer Dog you know the content is pre screened.



Emily Larlham runs Kikopup, which has some of the best force free training videos out there – if you are looking to resolve simple behavior problems, or just learn more about training she can help! Her clever and efficient training protocols make easy work of some of the behaviors people struggle most with.

Chirag Patel has many good videos!  His muzzle training video is, in our opinion, the best out there. He is moving the low stress handling movement forward, and is worth a look if you dog struggles with basic care needs (like nail trims) or vet visits.  See his Domesticated Manners channel.

Grisha Stewart’s youtube channel is great!  She has an empowerment training philosophy. She posts many thoughtful videos, and following her will improve your relationship with the dogs (and probably even the people) in your life.  She also runs an online training forum – the Animal Building Blocks Academy.



People mean well when they get a muzzle for their dog, but without proper training, this tool can be quickly ruined.  If your dog needs a muzzle, they need to LOVE their muzzle.  Taking the time to train your dog to like any equipment they must wear can be addressed with counter conditioning training.  A great resource for all things muzzle is The Muzzle Up Project.  We also like the muzzle training video by Domesticated Manners.  If you are comfortable doing this training on your own, that’s fine!  Having a dog that needs a muzzle already trained to it will expedite working through the behavior challenges you have.



Have a power chewer?  Then you should try Goughnuts!  This is the only product we have found that stands up to the heavy chewers – and it has an indicator on the inside.  Once your dog chews into the red core, you can return the product and Goughnuts will replace it, just pay shipping!

Does your dog love bully sticks, but you are starting to feel like it is an expensive habit?  Check out Best Bully Sticks, and keep your dog (and you) happy.  Look for the odor free variety!

The best selection of interactive and puzzle toys we have found is at Your Mannerly Mutt – go check out their store, and see how many ways there are to entertain your dog with their meals.



Go to the Dog Gone Safe, Be a Tree website to explore dog bite prevention for kids.  Delighted Dog Training Academy offers support for this program, and we are happy to educate your family or a classroom of kids on how to stay safe with dogs.  This kid friendly interactive program is packed with information, and can be adjusted to suit toddler through young adult age.  The Family Dog Project runs Stop the 77, which has great, kid friendly resources for bite prevention education too.  Check out their music videos!