Heather Luedecke has been a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant since 2013.  Heather is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and an active professional member of the Pet Professional Guild.  She is also committed to upholding the high ethical standards required by both of these organizations for both interactions with dogs and their people and in business practices.


She volunteered as the Ohio Representative for Italian Greyhound Rescue (2008 to 2015), coordinating adoption and intake for the state.  In her time with rescue, she welcomed over 100 foster dogs into her home.  Many of these dogs came into rescue with significant medical and behavior challenges.  Heather evaluated and treated these dogs during their time with her, and then placed them with new families that were best able to meet their needs.  She helped volunteer foster homes in Ohio resolve behavior concerns seen in the foster dogs in their care, and also helped many owners keep their pets that would have otherwise been released into rescue due to behavior challenges.  From 2007 to 2009, Heather was on staff with the Wood County Humane Society.  She helped evaluate and work with dogs and cats with both behavioral and medical special needs both at the shelter and as foster animals in her home.


Heather completed her Master of Science at Bowling Green State University in 2008, where she focused on behavioral ecology.  She also studied biology and psychology for her undergraduate degree, and has always had a strong interest in behavior.  Prior to starting her career as a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, she worked in education for several years, and worked with students toddler through college age – teaching both in the classroom and field.  Both informal science based courses and formal lectures.

Fearful and over reactive dogs (barking and lunging – often on leash), and related social behaviors with people and other dogs make up most of Heather’s private training clients..  She loves working with families with kids, and helping them learn how to interact kindly and safely with both the family dog and dogs in their community.  She enjoys helping families understand the ‘why’ behind their dog’s behavior.  She has also seen everything that can go wrong in potty training puppies and dogs, and can help develop a creative solution to your tough potty training case.  She thrives on working with a variety of behaviors, and looks forward to helping you and your dog.